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What jobs require a master’s degree?

If you’ve been looking forward to a future career, you’ll notice that many career fields require more than a graduate degree to be relevant. In many cases, it requires earning a master’s degreeto secure job.

For example, a bachelor’s degree creates a foundation with basic medical knowledge for college students aiming to be medical professionals. To have an advanced degree in medicine, students need the specialized knowledge that comes with a master’s degree.

The benefit of holding a master’s degree is countless. It increases the individual’s earning potential and exposes such people to more employment opportunities. For instance, the average salary of employees with bachelor’s degrees is £65,400 per year, while those holding a master’s degree earn an average of £80,200 per year. The apparent difference between the two degrees is quite substantial. Here are some jobs that require you to hold a master’s degree:

Education Administrator

For this, you need more than just a college degree. An education administrator must have not only academic knowledge but also leadership skills. To gain these leadership skills, you must pursue a master’s in education. It offers education professionals basic teaching certifications, theories, and the leadership ability to lead students and other educators effectively. The average wage for this field is £98,490.

Public Health Consultant

The public health sector is growing at a rapid pace. From consulting with healthcare social workers about safety protocols to consulting with individuals about health concerns, public health consultants are constantly in high demand. Organizations hire these health care professionals to assess challenges or health-related issues they are encountering. A master’s degree is required as a starting point for this career. These healthcare professionals averagely earn £81,942.

Clinical Psychology

A clinical psychologist studies the cognitive, emotional, and social processes of treating patients. They watch how individuals interact with people and the world around them. They consult with companies to educate patients about the need to protect their mental health and ensure their well-being. To start work in the clinical psychology field, you need a master’s or doctoral degree from a medical school. These healthcare professionals earn an average of £81,040 annually.

Marriage and Family Therapists

These professionals help individuals to work through every social issue that makes family life difficult. They develop solutions, discuss treatment plans with patients, and walk them through them. During family therapy, families are given genetic counseling based on issues that might likely arise due to the family’s health history. Family therapists can partake in private practices and work in community organizations, clinics, or medical practices. To have the proper foundation in this field, you must pursue a Master of Science in Counseling and Human Services. The job outlook for this profession is predicted to increase by 22% from 2019 to 2029. The average salary for a family therapist is £51,340.

Human Resources Senior Officers

These professionals guide and monitor the day-to-day operations of employees working in an organization. An HR manager is responsible for maintaining high employee morale in his organization. They are also responsible for sourcing diverse candidates and developing talent sourcing strategies. Working in HR doesn’t require a master’s degree, as a BSc in business administration can suffice. However, you’ll need a master’s degree to become an operations manager and lead a human resource department. The estimated salary for HR managers is £82,220.


A criminologist analyzes and studies crimes and several criminal behaviors. They conduct research and have to understand human behavior and how individuals think. They can see-through evidence and crime scenes to ensure criminal justice. A master’s degree in psychology, forensics, or criminal justice can help you thrive in this career. Their median annual salary is £91,000.

School Counselors

These professionals work with students to help them through academic challenges and behavioral disorders, improve their social skills and create an educational guide to help them attain their career or college goals. A school counselor must also enlighten students about an accredited program they are skeptical about. They typically work in private and public school settings, either at colleges or high schools. A master’s degree in Counseling comes in handy for this career field. A school counselor is estimated to earn £58,120 per year.

Speech Language Pathologists

Speech-language pathologists work in organizations offering therapy to individuals, children especially, struggling with speech defects. They treat patients and also teach them to form sounds, communicate effectively, and improve their general language skills appropriately. They are also capable of helping individuals who have feeding problems. There is the possibility of job growth because this profession is in high demand. They earn an average salary of £64,480.

Other lucrative careers that require a master’s degree include

● Information research scientist computer

● Health service managers

● Community service managers

● Occupational therapists

● Nurse practitioners

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering any career field, a master’s degree is necessary if you desire to thrive. In most cases, employers prefer candidates who are master’s degree holders over bachelor’s degree holders, no matter the career field. This is because master’s degree holders are believed to have more experience and in-depth knowledge about their chosen career than their colleagues who are bachelor’s degree holders. Thus, a master’s degree should never be considered unnecessary, regardless of your career path. In fact, if you have the time and resources, getting a doctorate degree in your field isn’t bad.



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