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Health Administration

Come One, Come All To Health Administration

What can you do with a health science degree?


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A Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science connects you to a variety of in-demand careers including physician assistant, nurse, health advocate, and so many others! The healthcare field is growing, providing a variety of opportunities for students to pursue fulfilling career paths that make a difference in people’s lives.

Majoring in health science is also a good option for students interested in healthcare but are unsure of the exact path they wish to take after completing their bachelor’s degree. A health science degree can guide your career exploration and even offer the opportunity for first-hand healthcare experience through an internship. After majoring in health science, students pursue graduate education to prepare for a specific clinical role or jump right into an entry-level position in healthcare.

What is a health science major?

By majoring in health science, you experience innovative coursework in the natural sciences and social sciences alongside courses providing foundational knowledge on healthcare systems. Compared to other common pre-health majors, studying health science offers the comprehensive mix of prerequisite courses you need to pursue further training in the healthcare field as well as pursue an entry-level role, jumping into their careers connected to health science.

In addition, health science programs provide connections to internships, extracurriculars, and potential opportunities to conduct research projects, incorporating career exploration and student leadership directly into your undergraduate experience. Majoring in health science can also provide unique access to simulation laboratories and shadowing clinical settings that add value to your health science coursework and expand your mindset as a future healthcare professional.

Careers Related to Health Science

A health science major offers career-ready coursework to join the healthcare field. The diverse health science career cluster encompasses a variety of medical and allied health jobs that include physician assistant, nurse, public health educator, dietician/nutritionist, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. To pursue one of these clinical careers, most students will continue their education and training after their bachelor’s degree.

In addition, majoring in health science can lead to many fulfilling non-clinical roles like researcher, public health educator, or health policy advocate. The interdisciplinary combination of courses builds students’ background knowledge of the healthcare system, which is crucial in these healthcare administration careers.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare occupations are predicted to grow 15% from 2019 through 2029, adding over 2 million jobs. In fact, healthcare is projected to be the top industry adding jobs to the economy. A Bachelor of Science in Health Science paired with this monumental growth in the healthcare sector opens the door for a variety of careers.

Majoring in Health Science at Pace University

At Pace University, the Health Science major can be customized to your career aspirations in healthcare. As you pursue the Bachelor of Science in Health Science, you select a track as a Generalist, Pre-Physician Assistant, or Pre-Nursing.

Within those tracks, you are able to select a concentration in Global Health or Health Policy and Advocacy in the Pre-Physician Assistant preparation track. Students in the Generalist and Pre-Nursing tracks are able to select both concentrations if they so choose.

Health Science Career Preparation

At Pace, pursuing a health science major connects you to exciting opportunities on campus and throughout the New York metropolitan area. All Health Science students complete an internship experience in their senior year that links them to their future career interests.

At Pace’s Pleasantville campus, students majoring in Health Science enjoy the benefits of the health science hub including a simulation lab. These newly renovated spaces offer students state-of-the-art career preparation.

Learn more about what you can do with a health science degree!

At Pace University, a Bachelor of Science in Health Science prepares you to enter the innovative and growing field of healthcare in an administrative role and to pursue more graduate education for clinical roles. Majoring in Health Science offers students a practical curriculum that also stimulates critical thinking and inspires evidence-based practice for years to come.

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