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  • Neil Godbout: Faith in higher learning is dumb

Neil Godbout: Faith in higher learning is dumb

Many of the highly educated professionals and the people who teach them are so impressed by their own smarts and the alphabet soup of status-conferring initials after their names that…

New Research Shows Higher Risk of Developing Diabetes After Covid-19 Infection

A large new study found that people who recovered from Covid-19 within the past year are 40% more likely to receive a new diagnosis of diabetes compared to those who…

Illinois health care workers ask for higher wages, accountability

Joshua Haywood works for Sevita in Springfield to provide direct support to patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He was inspired by members of his family who have developmental disabilities.  On Wednesday,…

Omnibus spending bill sets higher maximum salaries for some VA health care workers

Registered nurses and physicians assistants working at the Veterans Affairs Department will soon have a higher maximum salary, as part of an effort in Congress to reduce record turnover among…