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Come One, Come All To Health Administration

OSU-CHS’ HCA master’s program earns another top five ranking

Friday, March 10, 2023

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OSU Center for Health Sciences’ online Health Care Administration master’s degree
program has once again earned national recognition for its affordability, flexibility
and quality of education.

The HCA master’s program has recently been ranked No. 4 in the 2023 Best Online Master’s
Programs in Health Care Administration from OnlineMastersDegrees.org.

Bavette Miller, Ph.D., is interim chair of the School of Health Care Administration
at OSU-CHS and said it’s always exciting to be recognized for the hard work of the
faculty, staff and students.

“I attribute the success of the HCA program to our amazing faculty and staff. Our
student-focused approach is what we receive the most positive feedback on. We truly
aim to meet the needs of the students,” Miller said. “We recognize we are only here
because of our students. That drives us to remain focused on their success.”

That dedication to students and their education is why many alumni requested, and
are now enrolled in, the school’s new doctorate in Health Care Administration program,
which started in fall 2022.

Currently, the master’s in Health Care Administration program has 274 students enrolled,
the doctorate program has 164 enrolled, the master’s in Global Health has 14 enrolled
and there are 10 students enrolled in the school’s certificate programs.

Miller said in the midst of the program’s growth, the typical HCA student has changed
over the last five years as well.

“We used to get students who were already working in health care but just needed an
educational path to be successful in an executive role,” she said. “More recently,
we have students enrolling right out of undergrad. They truly want a more in-depth
learning experience specific to health care that we can provide.”

The HCA program also enrolls many who return to school after becoming a physician,
nurse, dentist, pharmacist, physician assistant or other health care professional
in order to get that specialized education and training in areas such as finance,
leadership, compliance and quality control that make an exceptional administrator,
Miller said. 

Kyle Darland, co-founder of OnlineMastersDegrees.org, said this year his organization
focused on the schools making it easier for students to compete in today’s increasingly
difficult job market.

“Each ranked school offers a fully or partially online master’s program in health
care administration at a time when earning a master’s degree has become a minimum
barrier for entry for many,” Darland said, adding that providing an online program
was only part of their rankings. “Top ranked schools also had competitive tuition
rates and/or scholarships to help drive costs down. And with grocery, gas and other
expenses on everyone’s mind right now, an affordable master’s degree is key.”

In fact, OSU-CHS’ HCA master’s program is the most affordable of the top five schools
in OnlineMastersDegrees.org’s rankings this year.

“Our goal is to help our students; we have never wavered from this. They aren’t just
another number to us. We believe in our program and the curriculum we teach,” Miller
said. “We know that education is something nobody can ever take away from an individual.
We want to empower as many people as we can to obtain one or more of our degrees.
Being affordable is what allows many to have this opportunity.”

The national recognitions and rankings are just reflections of the success and satisfaction
of their students and alumni, Miller said.

“While we know we have an amazing program, we never take it for granted. It’s a personal
challenge for each of us and we know if we remain committed to our goal of being student-focused,
we should remain a successful and recognized program,” she said. “When we receive
a national ranking for our efforts, like the one from OnlineMasterDegrees, it reminds
us that we are making a significant difference in our state and the nation.”


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