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Nigerians must enthrone credible leadership in 2023 -Funso Doherty

By Chukwudi Nweje

Managing Director and CEO of Pensions Alliance Limited, one of Nigeria’s foremost Pension Fund Managers, Funso Doherty has urged Nigerians to make a wise choice in 2023 to ensure the emergence of a credible leadership that would halt the rot and usher in a fresh era of decency in the country.
He described politics in the country as a transactional, commercial venture and almost criminal activity, adding, “democracy in Nigeria is government of some people by some people and for themselves. ”
The chartered accountant made the remarks recently when he met some journalists in Lagos.
He identified lack of appropriate leadership as the main challenge facing the country and urged professionals to change their attitude to politics.
“Those who have something to offer in terms of character and competence stay away from politics. Those who are in politics for the wrong reasons love it. So, it is a trap. We must not accede to that trap. Public office should be seen as a sacred trust”, he said.
The technocrat who regretted that the nation was at a seminal stage observed: “the quality of education is worsening. Health institutions are ebbing away. Unemployment is soaring at geometric proportions. Inflation and poverty are growing. Insecurity is not abating. Life expectancy is low.”
He said that 2023 provides the people the opportunity to save the country from completely going down in all indices of development and cautioned against voter apathy which has militated against credible elections in Nigeria.
He however alluded to what he described as the youth bug and the eagerness of that demography to change the status quo through the ballot box.
Doherty expressed hope that if the new Electoral Act is implemented, it may substantially reduce compromising the process and all manner of electoral fraud.
“Technology will enhance transparency. People are fed up with the system and looking forward to a new source of hope” , he said.
Funso Doherty is an accomplished Professional with a distinguished record spanning more than 25 years.

He is the Managing Director and CEO of Pensions Alliance Limited (PAL Pensions), one of Nigeria’s foremost Pension Fund Managers where he leads a nationwide team overseeing a large portfolio of assets.
He was previously Managing Director of ValuAlliance Asset Management Ltd, a member of the African Capital Alliance (ACA) Group.

Also, he served as the Pioneer Managing Director and CEO of ARM Pension Managers, which he led from its inception to become one of Nigeria’s most successful Pension Fund Administrators.

During that period, he was elected Pioneer Chairman of the Pension Fund Operators Association (PENOP), the umbrella body of all licensed Pension Fund Managers and Custodians in Nigeria.

He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard University and a B. Sc. in Accounting from the University of Lagos.


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