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Come One, Come All To Health Administration

Governor Hochul Announces Confirmation of Healthcare Administration Appointees by Senate

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the confirmation of new healthcare administration appointees by the Senate.

“As I said on day one when I became Governor, I will seek out the best and the brightest to serve New York to enhance our communities in every corner of the state,” Governor Hochul said. “These dedicated public servants will not only help ensure that we deliver the highest quality healthcare for New Yorkers, but also that we continue to build the health care system of the future.”

Marcia Alkins has been confirmed to serve on the Board of New York City Children’s Center. Ms. Alkins has over 35 years experience in community health. Ms. Atkins began her career as dietitian at Manhattan Psychiatric Center on Wards Island. Ms. Alkins left Manhattan Psychiatric Center in 1992 as a Mental Health Administrator. Ms. Alkins after leaving Ward’s Island, spent 12 years at NYC Department of Correction, becoming Deputy Executive Director in 2002. In this role, she was responsible for staffing and overtime control. Most recent, Ms. Alkins was Deputy Director at Bronx ChildrensPyschiatric Center. Ms. Alkins resides in Long Island.

Jane Bardavid has been confirmed to serve on the Board of Visitors at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. Ms. Bardavid is a social worker who has been in private practice in New York City since 1980. Ms. Bardavid was Executive Director of CAPE, a New York State licensed mental health clinic for older adults located in Queens for over 32 years. Ms. Bardavid received her degree in social work from Columbia University in 1972.

Joseph Coe has been confirmed to serve on the Board of Visitors at Home for Veterans and their Dependents at Oxford. Mr. Coe is a retired veteran who served in the United States Air Force and in the New York State Air National Guard. In addition to this, Mr. Coe worked briefly at the New York State Department of Enviromental Conservation before becoming a Police Officer in Norwich, New York. He served for 21 years retiring in 2006. Since then, Mr. Coe has worked for the Norwich City School district, Hancock Air Force Base, and as a Civil Engineering Specialist for the US Air National Guard

Denise Hodges has been confirmed to serve on the Board of Visitors at Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center. Ms. Hodges currently runs a private practice and, before this, was a consultant at the Family Center in Brooklyn, New York where she provided individual outpatient therapy to middle age and younger adult clients. In addition to her consulting, Ms. Hodges is the Director of the Childrens Aid Society Homemaker Service. Ms. Hodges brings extensive experience having worked at: Urban Pathways, West Side Federation for Senior Housing, Care for the Homeless, and the Bridge Inc. Ms. Hodges received her degree in social work from Fordham University. Ms. Hodges resides in Brooklyn.

Luis Freddy Molano, MD, has been confirmed to serve on the Minority Health Council. Dr. Molano was first appointed in July of 2020. Dr. Molano is Vice President of Infectious Diseases – LGBTQ Programs and Services for Community Healthcare Network. In this role, Dr. Molano utilizes his considerable experience to help mitigate disease and create positive health outcomes. Dr. Molano began his career in the Central America as a family practioner. Dr. Molano joined the Community Healthcare Network in 1989 where his immediate focus was HIV testing.

Khadijah Osbourne has been confirmed to serve on the Board of Visitors at Central New York Psychiatric Center. Ms. Osbourne is currently a nurse at SUNY Upstate Medical Center and has been since 2010. Concurrently, Ms. Osbourne works at Nurse Core. Prior to this, Ms. Osbourne worked at: Iroquois Nursing Home, and Syracuse Community Health Center. Ms. Osbourne volunteers at Clarks Burn Center, and the American Heart Association. Ms. Osbourne resides in Syracuse, New York.

Romy Rosseau has been confirmed to serve on the Board of Visitors at Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center. Ms. Rosseau is a registered nurse at New Hope Fertility Center. Prior to this, Ms. Rousseau spent 30 years at Kirby Forensics as a nurse. Ms. Rousseau lives in Long Island. 

Nirmala Sankaran has been confirmed to serve on the Board of Visitors for the Capital District Developmental Disabilities Services Offices. Ms. Sankaran was working at the Independent Professional Review Organization (IPRO) where she helped to survey developmental centers on behalf of New York State Department of Health. Ms. Sankaran is an Albany resident.

Lynn Schuetrum has been confirmed to serve on the Board of Visitors at the Central New York Psychiatric Center. Ms. Schuetrum is a nursing supervisor at Eddy Village Green in Cohoes, New York. In this role, Ms. Schuetrum supervises a facility with almost 200 senior citizens. Ms. Schuetrum came into her current role with extensive experience having worked for: Visiting Nurses Home Care, Optum Behaviour Health, Value Options, NYS Office of Mental Health Bureau of Mental Services, Binghamton Pyschiatric Center, and NYS Office of Mental Health Risk Management. 

Denise Soffel, PhD, has been confirmed to serve on the Public Health and Health Planning Council. Ms. Soffel has over 30 years’ experience working in the field of public health planning and policy. Ms. Soffel began her career by working in the Office of Planning for the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation. While working for New York City, Ms. Soffel obtained her PhD from NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service. Ms. Soffel’s expertise allowed her to become Senior Policy Analyst for Health at the Community Service Society of New York. Ms. Soffel served as Executive Director of the Committee on Health, NYS Senate from 2009-2010. Throughout her career Ms. Soffelhas been an active participant in consumer health advocacy activities.

Gerri Trautz has been confirmed to serve on the Board of Visitors at Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center. Mr. Trautz is a former employee of Rockland Psychiatric Center where he worked in staff development where he focused on ensuring all staff and personnel were equipped with the skills and tools necessary to complete their tasks. In addition to his work at Rockland Psychiatric Center, Mr. Trautz also worked at Robert L. Yeager Health Center, the Loeb House, and the Mental House Association of Rockland County. In his local community, Mr. Trautz served on the Nathan Kline Institute IRB Board, the St. Domini’s Advisory Board, and the Community Services Board – Rockland County.


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