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Health Administration

Come One, Come All To Health Administration

California State University Long Beach

California State University Long Beach is one of the best valued schools in the nation with low tuition fees, high social mobility rate and earning potential after graduation. CSULB is located in the very diverse & vibrant communities of Long Beach City and is ranked the 8th in the nation for campus diversity (WSJ). The student body is made up of 39,000 students of various backgrounds. The campus is 322 acres of the greenest grass and home to nearly 7,000 trees. CSULB has eight colleges within its campus including the College of Health and Human Services which houses the Department of Health Care Administration.

Department of Health Care Administration at California State University Long Beach offers a highly valued bachelor and master degree in HCA to our diverse student body through a rigorous curriculum and exemplary teaching pedagogy, relevant field research, and experiential learning & professional development gained from internships and our connectivity to more than 4,000 alumni, many local, and regional organizations.

Our core values include collaboration, integrity, compassion, leadership, sustainability, trust, professionalism, and innovations. We believe these eight core values foster a supportive environment for all our students to thrive in and cultivate leaders to transform healthcare systems.

The bachelor degree in HCA graduated its first cohort in 1988 and has been fully certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) since 1996. It emphasizes our students’ preparedness for the workforce, with health care industry-specific courses in the basic business functions and a mandatory internship in a health care organization. While obtaining the Bachelor of Science in HCA, our undergraduate students may also pursue a business administration minor in several different areas of specializations such as Finance, Information Systems, Human resources Management and Marketing.

Launched in 1984, master degree in HCA at California State University Long Beach is one of four CAHME (Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education) accredited programs in California. We offer a Traditional (Residential) program designed for new undergraduates, beginning health care professionals, and international students who are interested in pursuing managerial positions and careers in the health care industry and an Accelerated (Hybrid model) program designed for mid-level working professional who are seeking for professional growth and career advancement in the health care industry.

Our curriculum features a strong core of courses in the essential functions of management, with electives that allow students to pursue particular interests such as the specialized site of care course in long term care administration, hospital management, managed care, and medical group practice management. Our undergraduate and graduate courses also offer in a variety of time and mode of delivery including face-to-face, hybrid, and online to accommodate adult learners.

Our faculty and advisory board members include both nationally recognized experts and executive practitioners of leading Southern California healthcare organizations (leading to numerous opportunities for networking and employment). Students have the options to get placement in over three-hundred approved sites in nineteen different types of organizations and over twenty-five different departments within the organizations. The applied experience helps students crystalize their future job focus and further nurture their learning experience through real world situations. In addition, as fully certified and accredited programs, students have access to vast resources, scholarships, and networking opportunities

Our graduates work as analysts, administrative support staff, customer service, managers, consultants, independent business owners, information specialists in many different kinds of organizations (both public and private) including hospitals, long-term care or medical facilities, ancillary providers (e.g. Labs, Durable Medical Equipment, and Pharmacy), health insurance companies, and government health agencies.

For more information, please visit our Department Website @ https://www.csulb.edu/college-of-health-human-services/health-care-administration.

Have any questions and/or need more clarifications about our programs, please email us @ [email protected]

Thank you and looking forward to have you as students in our Programs!


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