Blood-Drawing Robot Featured at Arab Health 2024 – ARAB HEALTH 2024

Image: The blood-drawing robot can save 80% of the time required by medical staff (Photo courtesy of Emirates Health Services)

Image: The blood-drawing robot can save 80% of the time required by medical staff (Photo courtesy of Emirates Health Services)

Emirates Health Services (EHS, Dubai, UAE) is participating in Arab Health 2024 where it is unveiling a blood-drawing robot introduced in its healthcare facilities. This makes EHS the first in the region to utilize such a robot.

EHS is participating as a strategic partner for healthcare services in Arab Health 2024 in four main areas. Under the theme “Innovating for Your Health… Excelling with You,” EHS is showcasing 27 diverse healthcare projects, including 15 projects being presented for the first time regionally on its platform. The technology used in HEIVA, the blood-drawing robot from BhealthCare (Saint-Herblain, France), is the first of its kind regionally. It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and infrared imaging, ensuring high-quality service. Studies indicate that, can save 80% of the time required by medical staff and reduce patient waiting time by 50% for blood-drawing services. According to EHS, the innovative device holds 56 patents in five different areas, with three more patents to be submitted for accreditation soon. These fields cover all internal systems and technologies used. Furthermore, the new patents will soon extend to include the UAE in the near future.

H.E. Dr. Yousif Mohammed Alserkal, Director-General of EHS, emphasized that modern technology and AI have revolutionized the healthcare sector. They have become a fundamental pillar in improving the quality of medical services and enhancing comprehensive healthcare. These technologies aim to enhance the patient experience, achieve higher efficiency in healthcare delivery, provide accurate and rapid diagnoses, improve medical record management, enable effective communication among medical teams, and ultimately facilitate more accurate medical decision-making. H.E. added that EHS is keen on enhancing its leadership in the use of medical robots, given the vital role these robots play in enhancing the effectiveness and sustainability of medical services, and efficiently carrying out tasks. This allows medical teams to focus on value-added tasks. He highlighted that the blood drawing robot will contribute to elevating the quality of this service by enhancing precision and speed and minimizing risks. Additionally, he confirmed that EHS is actively involved in research studies related to the use of this robot.

H.E. Dr. Abdalla Alnaqbi, Acting Executive Director of the Clinical Support Services Sector at EHS, highlighted that technology is not just a means of progress but a vital partner that contributes to improving people’s lives and delivering effective healthcare services. He noted that the introduction of the blood-drawing robot into EHS’s facilities is part of their commitment to fully utilize this technology to enhance healthcare services, and ensure the provision of sustainable and high-quality healthcare for everyone. He also pointed out that EHS is proactive in enhancing its medical and therapeutic services by equipping its hospitals with surgical robots.

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