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8 City Of Toronto Jobs That Will Pay You Up To $120K A Year & So Many Skill Sets Qualify

Are you skilled and passionate about your work and looking to secure a salary that’ll help you afford the GTA’s high cost of living? Well, then you should consider working for the city of Toronto.

Open positions currently range from Project Manager to Financial Analyst and offer salaries that start at $90,000 and go to $120,000 or more per year.

If you’ve got a few years of industry experience under your belt and a strong resume, these opportunities could be your way path to to thriving in the 416.

Senior Financial Analyst

Salary: $96,569.20 to $113,440.60 a year

Division: Finance and Business Services

Who Should Apply: Those with a post-secondary education in business administration or accounting and several years of experience working in a “complex accounting environment.”

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Project Manager 

Salary: $104,340.60 to $122,595.20 per year

Division: City Planning

Who Should Apply: Individuals who have earned a degree in urban and regional planning or have equivalent work experience.

You’ll also need a deep knowledge of Provincial legislation, including “the Planning Act, the Growth Plan and the Provincial Policy Statements.”

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Salary: $130,020.80 to $152,789 a year

Division: Seniors Services and Long Term Care

Who Should Apply: Those with a Master’s degree in nursing, health administration or social services, as well as individuals who have partaken in an accredited internship or “recognized courses in long-term care management.”

Experienced senior managers in long-term care homes are ideal candidates.

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Supervisor Health Status And Epidemiology 

Salary: $96,569.20 to $113,440.60

Division: Public Health

Who Should Apply: People with a Master’s degree or higher in epidemiology or an approved combination of education and experience. You should also have “extensive experience” working in a public health agency with population health data.

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Audit Manager 

Salary: $104,340.60 to $122,595.20

Division: Auditor General’s Office

Who Should Apply: Those with a professional accounting designation and a combination of education and experience in “performance auditing and other audit projects.”

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 Senior Ontario Land Surveyor 

Salary: $104,340.60 to $122,595.20

Division: Engineering and Construction Services

Who Should Apply: Licensed Ontario Land Surveyors who are in good standing with the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors.

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Manager Communications

Salary: $112,075.60-$131,677

Division: Strategic Public

Who Should Apply: Those with “proven track records as a primary media spokesperson” who are comfortable doing live or taped television and radio interviews.

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Senior Specialist 

Salary: $112,075.60-$131,677

Division: Cyber Diplomacy and Governance

Who Should Apply: People with a post-secondary degree in business or technology and 7 or more years of experience in risk management.

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